CITEX: Keeping the Righteousness and Chasing the Innovation, Safety Creates an Era of Almighty Trading

With the help of DeFi, decentralized exchanges led by UniSwap have risen from the ground. The new IDO and LBP methods they brought have revitalized the entire cryptocurrency market, and the endless new projects have also made investors enthusiastic.

At the other end of the upsurge, centralized exchanges are under attack from DEXs, and are being impacted in all directions in terms of traffic, daily activities, and popularity. Faced with this endless battle for territory, some exchanges were overwhelmed and closed their doors and ran away, while others were looking for a new way out while holding on.

Also facing the impact of DEX, this old-fashioned exchange, which was born in 2018 and has gone through three rounds of bulls and bears, let us see its ability to turn “dangerous” into “opportunity”. If you review the actions of CITEX in the past two years, you will find that today’s highlight moment is not accidental, it is the result of years of painstaking efforts.

Through the cycle, safety first

CITEX has always been committed to becoming a platform for trading users to rest assured, and this goal has not changed since its establishment. In the face of industry hotspots, CITEX always regards “safety” as the primary consideration, rather than pursuing traffic. Therefore, CITEX will spend a long time building technology, strengthening platform technology and security measures, and ensuring the security of users’ digital assets. CITEX adopts a multi-level risk control system to comprehensively monitor the transaction process to ensure the safety and stability of user transactions. In order to protect users’ assets, CITEX has also established a margin system to provide each user with a margin, which fundamentally eliminates the risk of runs and insolvency.

CITEX’s emphasis on security has made it one of the very few exchanges in the industry that have crossed bulls and bears. This also shows that only when the basic market is stable can we gain a long-term foothold and seize opportunities.

Comprehensive layout to create an all-round platform

CITEX takes digital asset trading as its main business, and at the same time continues to expand its business scope. The platform frequently deploys business and expands various business scopes, including multiple business innovations in digital asset management. In addition to spot trading and contract trading, CITEX has also launched a number of diversified financial derivative services based on digital assets and mining ecology, such as mining pool plans, Youbi wealth management, wealth management business, Satking dividends, and MasterNode dividends. These services are designed by a professional organization team, which lowers the professional requirements and entry barriers, is more suitable for users with different needs, and has been widely recognized and loved by users. In addition, CITEX also cooperates with many digital currency exchanges around the world to jointly promote the development of the digital currency industry.

Just like the “showcase strategy” in fast-moving consumer goods, the more products are displayed on the counter and the larger the area occupied, the greater the probability of being selected by consumers. Now open the official website of CITEX, you will find that from spot to contract, from contract to mining, the platform covers almost all digital asset trading services. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification.

CITEX, which originally had the “seniority advantage” of an established exchange, coupled with the “display advantage”, it is hard not to be seen by investors. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification. This set of tactics not only brings incremental users to the platform, but also allows the platform to have more room for imagination.

“Keep the Righteousness” first, and then “Chasing the New”

If we say that in the past few years, CITEX has been working hard at the level of “keeping the integrity”, then in the past two years, CITEX is taking the initiative to “catch up with innovations” at a higher frequency. The most intuitive point is that it has taken a differentiated route on the asset side. In fact, the key to the survival of an exchange is not what model you use, but whether you are useful to investors and whether you can create opportunities for investors to make money. In the final analysis, the most important thing is to meet the needs of investors. Therefore, CITEX takes advantage of its mining field, focuses itself on mining coins, and is committed to creating differentiation. It labels the platform as a mining coin gold nugget. This strategy makes it a global leader in a short period of time. The first mining currency exchange has gained a large wave of enthusiastic fans of the exchange.

CITEX will continue to move forward on the road of pursuing innovation, and will continue to focus on users, continuously improve service quality and user experience, and provide more professional, safe and efficient services for digital asset traders. In the future, CITEX will continue to work on building an all-round trading platform to bring more possibilities and opportunities to the digital asset trading market.

CITEX – making a comeback

CITEX is an innovative and forward-looking digital asset trading platform. As the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, CITEX has gained wide recognition and praise in the field of digital asset trading due to its highly transparent and responsible attitude, as well as its keen insight and quick response to user needs, and in just a few years Rapidly develop and grow in time. At present, CITEX has become one of the largest digital asset trading platforms in the world, and its popularity has rapidly increased and it has been widely acclaimed.

After a period of adjustment and upgrading, CITEX is now making a comeback with a stronger posture. CITEX has made significant progress in upgrading and optimizing the exchange platform. It not only launched new trading pairs and high-quality projects, but also adopted safer and more efficient technical means to provide users with better digital asset trading services. As a leader in the field of digital asset trading, CITEX has also appeared in the market with a new attitude after a period of adjustment and optimization.

In the field of digital asset trading, CITEX has always maintained a high degree of transparency and a responsible attitude, and is committed to providing users with safe, efficient and convenient digital asset trading services. CITEX always adheres to the principle of user first, guarantees the security of user assets, continuously innovates and develops new trading tracks, and provides users with better digital asset trading services.

The success of CITEX lies not only in their technological innovation and product optimization, but also in their customer-oriented attitude and quick response to market changes. Their ability to always maintain a leading position, keep pace with the times, and constantly challenge themselves is the secret of their comeback.

In the field of digital asset trading in the future, CITEX will continue to exert its innovative spirit and foresight, continuously improve user experience and service quality, and become a leader in the field of digital asset trading. When Bitcoin recently recovered from its slump in 2018, people no longer referred to it as a “tulip bubble”, but instead became a favorite of celebrities, funds and financial institutions. Similarly, CITEX will inevitably appear in the industry with a new attitude after undergoing this adjustment. Whether it is for digital asset investors or the overall development of the digital asset trading field, the success of CITEX will have a profound impact.

New Height of Defi Value DID is about to launch on PancakeSwap

Since the DID ecology launched limited NFT airdrops around the world , the popularity of the community has been rising again and again , which has aroused widespread attention from many institutions and capital in the circle . As the contract code of the DID ecology has passed the comprehensive review of the world-renowned audit institution “CertiK” , the call for launching DEX for asset interaction and value circulation has become more and more intense . After the contract deployment is completed and the pot is constructed , DID DAO representatives from nearly 20 countries and regions around the world voted and passed unanimously . The resolution will be listed on PancakeSwap in the near future.

a SAWP ecology built by DID DAO of the United States based on ETH-L2 public chain in 2023. It has the world’s advanced blockchain technology and has the most cutting-edge DeFi centralized financial thought through a unique governance mechanism. It is committed to Swap is the starting point to build an application ecology exclusive to DID. Developers can realize project development, project innovation, token transactions, and application aggregation of NFT transactions in the ecology, providing global users with more compliant, efficient, honest and fair, professional and high- quality advanced DEFI4.0 ecology .

DID expects to quickly accumulate 100,000+ users based on the self-built million-level USDT lp initial pot , through a series of decentralized , fair and just methods such as discarding certificates , code open source , and contract lock-ups , to contribute to the DID ecology 2.0 and the future The Metaverse system provides a series of solid guarantees such as asset interaction and scene interaction .

With the help of DEFI4.0 and the development of public chain technology, DID will use the online PancakeSwap as the basis for ecological construction, accelerate ecological circulation , build a community spontaneous ecology based on the concept of DIDDAO on a global scale , and gradually increase the number of Metaverse , WBE3, etc. Investment in the field to achieve multi-chain interoperability. It is planned to map all applications to the DID public chain after the public chain system matures , continuously expand application scenarios, lower the threshold of use, and provide global users with more convenient, high-performance, low-cost, and no differentiation. Encrypted asset financial services to realize the value flow of fair pricing of assets and instant settlement of transactions.

coming soon Pancake Swap ‘s DID will adhere to the development trend of innovation and integrated iteration , commend the consensus of users with value , and strive to become the value benchmark in the DEFI4.0 era . The future DID ecology will promote the innovation and development of digital industry value interaction , continuously develop and lead the development direction and trend of the industry , and create more high-quality assets and sustainable ecological value for users and upstream and downstream industries .

At present , DID has quickly accumulated more than 50,000+ users by virtue of its own perfect mechanism and double-increasing gameplay . DID ecology will also lead the new hotspot of DeFi 4.0+Dao+web3.0 , seek common ground while reserving differences in continuous innovation and reform, and share reasons with users The innovative changes brought about by technological iteration , stand in the wind and feel the power of the times together! Together with the majority of consensus people around the world , create a new height of DEFI value and build an economic community in the WEB3 era !

Tinggi Baru Nilai Defi DID akan diluncurkan di PancakeSwap

Sejak ekologi DID meluncurkan airdrop NFT terbatas di seluruh dunia , popularitas komunitas terus meningkat , yang telah menarik perhatian luas dari banyak institusi dan modal di lingkaran . Karena kode kontrak ekologi DID telah lulus tinjauan komprehensif dari lembaga audit terkenal dunia “CertiK” , seruan untuk meluncurkan DEX untuk interaksi aset dan sirkulasi nilai menjadi semakin intens . Setelah penyebaran kontrak selesai dan pot dibangun , perwakilan DID DAO dari hampir 20 negara dan wilayah di seluruh dunia memberikan suara dan disahkan dengan suara bulat Resolusi akan dicantumkan di PancakeSwap dalam waktu dekat.

ekologi SAWP yang dibangun oleh DID DAO Amerika Serikat berdasarkan rantai publik ETH-L2 pada tahun 2023. DID memiliki teknologi blockchain tercanggih di dunia, dan memiliki pemikiran keuangan terpusat DeFi paling mutakhir melalui mekanisme tata kelola yang unik . titik awal untuk membangun ekologi aplikasi eksklusif untuk DID. Pengembang dapat mewujudkan pengembangan proyek, inovasi proyek, transaksi token, dan agregasi aplikasi transaksi NFT dalam ekologi, menyediakan pengguna global dengan lebih patuh, efisien, jujur dan adil, profesional dan tinggi – ekologi DEFI4.0 canggih berkualitas .

DID berharap untuk dengan cepat mengakumulasi 100.000+ pengguna berdasarkan pot awal USDT lp tingkat jutaan yang dibuat sendiri , melalui serangkaian metode terdesentralisasi , adil dan adil seperti membuang sertifikat , kode sumber terbuka , dan penguncian kontrak , untuk DID Ekologi 2.0 dan masa depan Sistem Metaverse menyediakan serangkaian jaminan yang solid seperti interaksi aset dan interaksi adegan .

Dengan bantuan DEFI4.0 dan pengembangan teknologi rantai publik, DID akan menggunakan PancakeSwap sebagai dasar konstruksi ekologi, mempercepat sirkulasi ekologi , dan membangun ekologi spontan komunitas berdasarkan konsep DIDDAO dalam skala global , dan secara bertahap akan meningkatkan jumlah Metaverse , WBE3, dll Investasi di lapangan untuk mencapai interoperabilitas multi-rantai Direncanakan untuk memetakan semua aplikasi ke rantai publik DID setelah sistem rantai publik matang , terus memperluas skenario aplikasi, menurunkan ambang batas penggunaan , dan memberi pengguna global lebih nyaman, berkinerja tinggi, berbiaya rendah, dan tanpa diferensiasi.Layanan keuangan aset terenkripsi untuk mewujudkan aliran nilai harga aset yang adil dan penyelesaian transaksi instan.

segera hadir DID Pancake Swap akan mengikuti tren pengembangan inovasi dan iterasi terintegrasi , memuji konsensus pengguna dengan nilai , dan berusaha menjadi tolok ukur nilai di era DEFI4.0 . Ekologi DID di masa depan akan mempromosikan inovasi dan pengembangan interaksi nilai industri digital , terus mengembangkan dan memimpin arah pengembangan dan tren industri , dan menciptakan lebih banyak aset berkualitas tinggi dan nilai ekologi berkelanjutan bagi pengguna dan industri hulu dan hilir .

Saat ini , DID dengan cepat mengumpulkan lebih dari 50.000+ pengguna berdasarkan mekanismenya yang sempurna dan gameplay yang meningkat dua kali lipat . Ekologi DID juga akan memimpin hotspot baru DeFi 4.0+Dao+web3.0 , mencari titik temu sambil menyimpan perbedaan dalam inovasi dan reformasi berkelanjutan, dan bagikan alasan dengan pengguna Perubahan inovatif yang dibawa oleh iterasi teknologi , berdiri di atas angin dan rasakan kekuatan waktu bersama! Bersama dengan mayoritas konsensus orang di seluruh dunia , ciptakan ketinggian baru nilai DEFI dan bangun komunitas ekonomi di era WEB3 !

Too complicated to get big crypto airdrop? You should take a look on OpenLoo, a airdrop product for newbies!

According to L2BEAT data, as of June 4, the total value locked (TVL) of the zkSync Era network has reached 402 million US dollars, an increase of 23.6% from last week. In addition, the total number of transactions on the zkSync Era network in the past 30 days reached 16.32 million, surpassing Optimism’s 7.9 million and second only to Arbitrum’s 26.26 million. This means that the zkSync Era network has seen a significant increase in the number of users and activity, and the contribution of the airdrop crazyer is indispensable. Obviously, more and more people are participating in Cryptocurrency Airdrop Campaign.

One of the reasons for this trend is that Crypto Airdrop has created too many myths about wealth and freedom. Some people just changed houses and cars by relying on Airdrop.

This has to be mentioned that in the ARB airdrop event before, 1 address was as high as 10,250 USDT, and you will get a lot of money just though few addresses. Now the development of WEB 3.0 has entered the stage of deep bond between the project and users. The project side needs the participation and data of users. Therefore, more and more people are participating in the crypto airdrop event, and Airdrop has unlimited potential in the future.

However, as enticing as the prospect of Airdrop is, the barrier to entry is relatively high. Many newbies have no way to start, whether it is the cumbersome use of wallets, DAPP interaction, or the troubles of various professional terms such as “sybil attack” and “IP isolation”, as well as chaotic data sorting. Airdrop has become more and more complicated and troublesome from beginning. For novice, if they are not professional, it is difficult for them to maximize their profits. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a simple and efficient tool in the market to help novice users achieve their Airdrop goals safely and easily.

Therefore, OpenLoo came into being.

OpenLoo is a zero-threshold batch airdrop DAPP based on the novice user group. With it, the web3 new user no longer has to be troubled by various professional terms such as wallets, various interactions, and “sybil” that they don’t understand. Through OpenLoo, novice can easily experience the convenient one-click operation. OpenLoo can also help users collect airdrops in batches, eliminating the need to purchase unsafe finished product numbers or time-consuming and laborious manual operations. In addition to batch airdrops, OpenLoo also supports batch Mint NFT and batch deployment of mining nodes and other functions, which can help users save tedious tasks and achieve simple, efficient and low-cost operations.

All in all, OpenLoo is one of the must-have tools for people in the currency circle. Users can hand over all the tedious tasks to OpenLoo, which can save time, effort and mind. You only need to perform one-click operations easily and happily to let you in this world full of Earn benefits easily in an industry full of opportunities and challenges. Now come to OpenLoo to open the door with one click, seize the opportunity and open the door to wealth!

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BRC20 asset trading platform BrccSwap: a billionaire’s dream place to watch!

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I. Introduction

II. What is Ordinal Protocol?

III. BRC20’s current track opportunities

IV. Advantages of BrccSwap

V. Conclusion

VI. References


With the continuous development of blockchain technology, decentralized exchange (DEX) has become one of the important applications in the blockchain field. And the DEX market based on BRC20 tokens is growing and developing. In this market, BrccSwap, a BRC20 DEX based on Ordinal Protocol, is set to create a billion dollar windfall opportunity. So, what exactly is the advantage of BrccSwap? How will it create such an opportunity? We will discuss it in depth next.

What is Ordinal Protocol?

First, let’s take a brief look at Ordinals, which inscribe data in the smallest unit of Bitcoin, the satoshi. It uses a logical ordering system called ordinal theory, which assigns each satoshi a separate ordinal number and then inscribes arbitrary data into each satoshi.

The data inscribed in the satoshi can be images, video, audio, text or even complete applications, such as a simplified version of the DOOM game. As the diagram below shows, a BRC-20 pass is essentially an ordinal inscription embedded in some text format, which sets the specifications for the creation and management of the pass. Embedding text in ordinal inscriptions is a common use case for Bitcoin NFTs, although many other innovative use cases have emerged as the technology has evolved.

Ordinals NFTs are native to the Bitcoin network, do not rely on L2 solutions, do not require any changes to the Bitcoin protocol, and are backwards compatible with the Bitcoin network. Ordinal inscriptions became the way to store data in the Bitcoin network in a very short period of time.

The creation of the BRC-20 standard and the associated Token means that the BTC narrative is no longer monolithic (a store of value), but is truly a driving force for development and innovation.

Although DOM, the creator of the BRC-20 standard, has repeatedly stressed that it is an experimental product, it is hard to stop the market sentiment and the influx of money.

According to Dune Analytics data, the total number of minted coins based on the Ordinals protocol to date has reached 11,388,273, generating a total of over 1,689.9721 BTC in fees, or approximately $43,364,275.93 million. Wealth freedom stories seem to be happening all the time and the FOMO sentiment is ongoing at the BRC20 circuit!

BRC20’s Current Track Opportunities

Although BRC-20 has been around for a relatively short period of time, there are amazing gains to be had from the coin’s performance. It is worth noting that the infrastructure of BRC-20 is currently very imperfect. Bitcoin has long served only as a stored value and transfer function, while the ethereum ecosystem is much more prosperous and diverse. With the healthy and healthy development of BRC-20, it will attract more ethereum ecology players to enter the bitcoin ecology and increase the usage of the bitcoin network, which is beneficial to the long-term development of bitcoin.

In addition, BRC-20 is a new technology, and there are currently fewer exchanges with BRC-20 tokens online. If the BRC-20 ecosystem continues to grow solidly, BRC-20 will have a place in the cryptocurrency world. market demand for BRC-20 DEX is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no denying that the development of BRC-20 DEX also faces some opportunities and challenges. Of course this is certainly an unprecedented opportunity for BrccSwap.

1. Market Competitors

From a macro perspective, the main competitors in the BRC20 DEX market include Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, etc.. These competitors have a share of the market and are also growing. This means that BrccSwap needs to stand out in the fierce market competition for more market share and users, well BRC20 DEX is more vertical.

2. Market share

The BRC20 DEX market is growing in size, but BrccSwap’s share of the market as a newcomer to the circuit is relatively small. This means that BrccSwap needs to take steps to increase its market share and attract more users and investors.

3. Security issues

Security issues have been a major challenge in the BRC20 DEX market. Smart contract vulnerabilities, transaction security, and other issues can pose a threat to users’ assets. Therefore, BrccSwap needs to take measures to improve the security of transactions and ensure the safety of users’ assets.

In BRC20 DEX, BrccSwap has adopted Ordinal Protocol as its extension protocol. By using Ordinal Protocol’s smart contract, BrccSwap can implement the issuance and trading of BRC20 tokens on the Bitcoin network. At the same time, the adoption of Ordinal Protocol’s extension protocol can also increase transaction speed and reduce transaction fees, thus bringing BrccSwap greater efficiency and advantages in terms of transaction speed and transaction fees.

Ordinal Protocol-based allows BRC20 DEX to run on the Bitcoin network with greater transaction efficiency and security advantages. This also provides BrccSwap with a better opportunity for growth in the BRC20 DEX market.

In conclusion, the opportunities and challenges in the BRC20 DEX market are clear. brccSwap will need to take measures against market competitors, market share, security and other issues, and will eventually stand out in the market and will gain more market share and users.

Advantages of BrccSwap

The one-stop BRC20 ecological asset management platform BrccSwap has multiple advantages as a rigidly-needed product in the BRC20 DEX market, which will be introduced in detail below:

1. Efficient extension protocol: BrccSwap adopts the efficient extension protocol of Ordinal Protocol, which can increase transaction speed and reduce transaction fees. Compared to other BRC20 DEXs, BrccSwap offers a better trading experience with faster transaction speeds and lower transaction fees. At the same time, BrccSwap’s extended protocol can support more pairs and transaction types, expanding the scope and opportunities for trading.

2. Security: BrccSwap uses multiple signature technology and a smart contract review mechanism to ensure the security of transactions. They are built on Bitcoin and therefore have the high level of security provided by the Bitcoin protocol. This protects users’ assets by effectively preventing fraud and hacking in transactions. At the same time, BrccSwap offers risk management tools that allow users to better control their risk and reduce their investment exposure. Therefore, it has obvious advantages in terms of security.

3. User experience: BrccSwap provides an easy-to-use user interface and rich trading pairs to provide users with a better trading experience. Users can trade easily and can choose different pairs to trade, thus meeting different investment needs. At the same time, BrccSwap also provides some new features, such as mining and wealth management, which can provide users with more investment opportunities and returns.

4. Multi-product integration: Brcc Swap integrates Launchpad, Wallet, Swap, Defi and other digital asset services together, providing users with a package solution. Such a comprehensive product can better meet the needs of users and improve their experience.

5. Strong Ecosystem: Brcc Swap has a strong ecosystem that includes multiple promising projects and institutions. These partners provide Brcc Swap with support in terms of technology, marketing and resources, and also expand Brcc Swap’s influence and user base.

6. Professional team and technical support: Brcc Swap’s team members are from the top CEX and DEX in the industry, with rich experience and skills. Also, Brcc Swap is supported by several top industry organizations, which provide Brcc Swap with technical, marketing and resource support. These excellent teams and technical support are one of Brcc Swap’s core competencies.

7. Multiple Opinion Leaders Support: Multiple opinion leaders have liked and retweeted the architecture of Brcc Swap’s products, which is a testament to the quality of Brcc Swap’s products and market recognition. In addition, the endorsement of these opinion leaders has increased Brcc Swap’s visibility and user traffic.

BrccSwap combines its strengths and is now qualified to be a “unicorn” in the entire market. In addition to these advantages, BrccSwap has also partnered with all the head builders of BRC20, including the well-known OKX, which is currently the first organization to fully support the development of the BRC20 track, as well as BRC20_DAO and Dango_Planet, among others.

BRC20_DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization based on the BRC20 protocol, dedicated to promoting the development and growth of the BRC20 ecosystem and providing users with more quality digital asset trading and management services.

Dango_Planet is a project focused on the BRC20 NFT meta-universe with rich experience in gaming and community operations, and is committed to providing users with the best quality gaming experience and NFT products.

Their strategic partnership will bring more opportunities and advantages to the development and growth of the BRC20 ecosystem. Their cooperation will fully utilize the strengths of multiple parties, and they will also inject new energy and momentum into the development and prosperity of the entire industry. These collaborations will create a more complete and diversified ecology for the BRC20 ecosystem and provide better experiences and services for users. It can be seen that BrccSwap undoubtedly has a head start in the development of the BRC20 track.

Combining the above advantages, BrccSwap has higher competitiveness and development potential in the BRC20 DEX market. BrccSwap’s efficient extension protocol, security and user experience all provide strong support for it to stand out in the market. As a result, BrccSwap is expected to be a leader in the BRC20 DEX market and create a billion-dollar windfall opportunity.


BrccSwap, as a BRC20 DEX based on Ordinal Protocol, has several advantages and growth prospects in the market. In terms of technology, security, and user experience, BrccSwap has clear advantages and can provide users with a better trading experience and investment opportunities. At the same time, BrccSwap is also expected to stand out as the market leader in the BRC20 DEX market.

First, BrccSwap uses an efficient extension protocol that provides faster trading speeds and lower transaction fees, resulting in a better trading experience for users. Second, BrccSwap’s security is guaranteed with multiple signature technology and a smart contract review mechanism that protects users’ assets. Finally, BrccSwap provides an easy-to-use user interface and rich trading pairs, which can provide users with more investment opportunities and returns.

In terms of future prospects and opportunities, the BRC20 DEX market is growing in size and number of users, and BrccSwap is expected to gain more market share and users in this market. At the same time, BrccSwap can continue to make technical innovations and feature expansions to improve its competitiveness and growth potential. And create billion-dollar windfall opportunities. Therefore, it will be a good choice for investors and users to participate in the investment and development of BrccSwap.





“Crazy Crypto Night in ToKyo” co-hosted by 0x90 and viclab ended successfully

Co-hosted by 0x90 and Viclab, and co-organized by Ballen, Acara, and DIDSWAP, “Crazy Crypto Night in Tokyo” was successfully held in Tokyo, Japan this weekend. This event attracted many elites from the encryption field, and received support from Debox, Daily Planet, CHAIN ​​CATCHER, 4 META WORLD, GETAVERSE, Freeper, VLINK, MG CAPITAL, LINKUP, WiKiBit, XFORCE, Caring Meadow, etc.

During the event, the participants shared their deep views on the future development of web3.0 and the application of blockchain technology in the financial field around the theme of “Investing The Future of web3.0”. The presentations and discussions were engaging and provided attendees with valuable insights into the future of blockchain technology and its potential impact on the financial industry. This session explores the latest trends and developments in the industry. Demonstrates the growing interest in blockchain technology and its enormous potential to reshape the financial sector. The support from multiple institutions reflects the importance of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape the financial landscape. The event is an excellent networking platform for participants to network with each other, network and network with like-minded individuals and institutions.

The 0x90 team focuses on blockchain project operations and consulting. They provide tailored and efficient operational solutions for projects to help them achieve success. 0x90 looks at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective, and uses the “24-frame deconstruction method” to think and operate a project, and is known as the corporate doctor and super screenwriter of the blockchain business.

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As a technology-driven enterprise, Viclab has a high-quality team composed of technical experts, investors, marketing and operation talents, providing customers with a full range of services such as technology development, entrepreneurial project incubation, community operations, and quantitative strategies.

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Ballen is an emerging Web3 application and game product based on the Move to Earn model, with its own GameFi and SocialFi systems. Users only need to get token rewards through basketball in their daily life, and users equip themselves with NFT in the form of basketball. These tokens can be used outdoors in the game or cashed out for profit. Ballen is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle for more people around the world, actively fighting climate change, connecting the masses with Web3, while building an open and sustainable platform through its gaming and social elements.

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Acara is an information governance DAO based on Web 3.0 technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem of decentralized information social applications and services. Acara is committed to building a decentralized information social network to provide users with a more open and free information exchange environment.

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DIDSWAP is a decentralized trading platform, committed to becoming the world’s leading decentralized trading center and infrastructure provider in WEB3, promoting the application and innovation of blockchain technology in the financial field, and contributing to the construction of the WEB3 world.

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CITEX: An innovative digital asset trading platform to start your investment journey

As a direct intermediary for ordinary people to trade cryptocurrencies , exchanges are a very important tool for insiders . However , it is not easy to find a reliable and innovative trading platform . CITEX is a world-renowned digital asset trading platform, committed to providing users with an efficient and secure trading environment and a series of innovative functions and services.


First of all , CITEX has a powerful transaction engine and advanced technical architecture to ensure high-speed and stable transactions. Whether it is high-frequency trading or large-value trading, CITEX can meet the needs of users and provide a low-latency and high-throughput trading experience. Users can safely conduct operations such as buying and selling, depositing and withdrawing coins, and enjoy smooth and safe transaction services.


Secondly, CITEX is committed to providing users with a full range of digital asset management and investment tools. The platform supports the transaction of a variety of digital assets, including mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, as well as some emerging projects with potential. Users can carry out diversified investment portfolio allocation on CITEX, and obtain more investment opportunities through trading, holding and value-added digital assets.


In addition, CITEX also pays attention to user experience and security. The platform provides a simple and intuitive trading interface, making it easy for novice users to get started. At the same time, CITEX adopts an advanced risk control system and multiple security protection measures, and has obtained the US MSB financial regulatory license long ago , so users do not have to worry about the security of their funds and information. You can trade with confidence, and the platform provides 24 h multilingual customer service and technical support to answer questions and provide assistance.


Most importantly, CITEX is an innovation-driven trading platform. The platform actively explores and introduces new digital asset projects to provide users with new investment opportunities. In addition, CITEX has also launched innovative trading products, such as leveraged trading, futures contracts, etc., to meet users’ needs for more investment methods.


As a world-leading digital asset trading platform, CITEX has attracted the attention and trust of many users with its features of innovation, efficiency and security. Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, CITEX can provide you with an ideal trading place. Sign up for a CITEX account now and start your digital asset investment journey !


CITEX Trading Platform: Exploring the Financial Future in the Digital Economy Era

With the development of blockchain technology, the ZK track is gradually rising and has been valued by the market. The importance of privacy protection has become increasingly prominent. More and more blockchain projects have begun to explore zero-knowledge technology and launch related product and service.

Safe and reliable trading environment

The CITEX trading platform takes the security of users’ assets as the top priority. Using multiple offline management methods of cold wallets, storing users’ digital assets in offline hardware wallets can effectively prevent digital assets from being hacked and stolen. CITEX Exchange also adopts multi-signature technology to protect users’ digital assets, ensuring that users’ digital assets can only be transferred or traded by authorized users. This technology can effectively prevent hacker attacks and loss of digital assets. It is worth mentioning that: CITEX has obtained the US MSB financial regulatory license long ago, and is regulated by the US MSB.

Rich and diverse trading varieties

The CITEX trading platform provides users with a variety of digital asset transactions, including mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, as well as a series of high-quality innovative project tokens. CITEX exchange has many business innovations in digital asset management. In addition to spot trading and contract trading, it has successively launched a number of digital asset and The diversified financial derivatives services of mining ecology have been widely recognized and loved by users. Whether you invest in mainstream currencies or pursue emerging projects, CITEX can meet your needs. At the same time, CITEX continues to expand trading varieties and other new ways of playing, allowing users to participate in more potential digital asset investment opportunities.

Powerful trading technology and tool support

The CITEX trading platform has an advanced trading engine and a high-speed matching system, which can achieve second-level transaction execution and efficient order processing. In addition, the platform provides a variety of trading tools and functions, such as price limit trading, market price trading, stop loss and take profit, etc., to help users make better trading decisions and risk management. Whether you are short-term trading or long-term investment, CITEX can provide all-round support.

User-friendly interface and experience

The CITEX trading platform pays attention to user experience, providing simple and intuitive interface design and user-friendly operation process. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced professional trader, you can easily get started and quickly master trading skills. At the same time, the platform also provides multilingual support and round-the-clock customer service to ensure that users can get timely help and support during the transaction process.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, welcome to join CITEX and explore the financial future of the digital economy era together with CITEX! I believe that in the near future, only CITEX will be seen in the spotlight of the cryptocurrency trading platform track, and CITEX will become a myth.

In the midsummer of encryption, STAR SHELL becomes the breaker of Web 3 financial payment dilemma

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more mature, and its application fields are also expanding . Web 3.0 is in full swing, and the flow of money is a prerequisite for creating wealth . After the era of globalization, many ambitious companies and individuals have joined the tide of globalization and are constantly seeking wealth . Opportunities , but dilemmas and crises are coming as scheduled. Fortunately, the rise of the Web 3.0 world represented by blockchain technology has established its streaming payment infrastructure and global ecological payment system , allowing companies and individuals suffering from dilemmas and crises to see Here comes the ray of hope.


In such a background and the development of blockchain technology, STAR SHELL bridges the gap between traditional finance, Web2 salary application system and emerging Web3 ecosystem. Its technology is expected to revolutionize traditional finance and integrate blockchain technology The advantages brought to the mainstream industry. As STAR SHELL continues to innovate and expand its ecosystem, developers, companies and projects from all over the world will be continuously invited to join in and jointly create a more connected, efficient and accessible financial future.

STAR SHELL takes payment, wallet, and social interaction as the entrance, takes blockchain DLT digital payment as the core, and combines WEB3.0+ metaverse to comprehensively build a virtual meta-asset encryption platform to provide users with a safe, convenient and efficient blockchain Application services, realize the construction of MOM International Community Alliance DAO decentralized community autonomy ecology , and expand the further Web3 financial payment boundary.


STAR SHE LL PAY creates a completely decentralized global payment service based on blockchain technology. In every corner of the earth, users can conveniently initiate financial transactions and manage multi-currency funds through the Internet, while completely guaranteeing the security and privacy of funds and transactions, free from the intervention and control of specific companies.

With its unique blockchain technology and decentralization concept, STAR SHELL is creating a new road to Web 3.0. With the rise of STAR SHELL , Web 3.0 is subverting the existing payment power model with unprecedented innovation energy.

The ultimate goal of STAR SHELL is to allow people all over the world to easily enjoy and obtain a more decentralized, open and fair financial form. Hope STAR SHELL can represent a crypto asset payment solution that can stand the test of time and value user feedback. In order to achieve this goal, STAR SHELL will focus on perfecting and improving our products, while adopting a long-term mentality to meet the long-term needs of users .

STAR SHELL represents a technological leap and an upgrade of user experience. We have always been committed to creating a decentralized, free, diverse, and open digital world, allowing users to find their true self in this world and enjoy unprecedented fun. It is a value network centered on web3 . In this network, every user can gain value through participation and contribution, and every coin is the embodiment of value. This is a truly decentralized world, a new world full of possibilities and opportunities.


As it continues to explore, it can foresee a future where seamless integration between Web2 and Web3 applications will lead to the eventual replacement of traditional financial systems by blockchain technology, creating a more inclusive and efficient global economy. Millions of traffic have settled in and set sail side by side. We invite you to witness that STAR SHELL has become the ultimate solution to payment problems in the Web 3.0 era.

It is reported that STAR SHELL is co-sponsored by MOM International Foundation, Chat Encrypted Social Digital Lab, Union Bank of Southeast Asia, and in conjunction with HKD Hong Kong Digital Assets Exchange, to provide Star Shell users with transaction data security, escort, and work together to build Hong Kong for the future” Capital of Digital Assets”. In the future, STAR SHELL will help the payment digital transformation and upgrading of Web3.0 enterprises entering Hong Kong, provide blockchain core technical support and global ecological empowerment for the healthy and sustainable innovation and development of global Web3.0, and work together to build an international and innovative Web3 .0 digital ecological integration circle, the win-win ecology under the global multilateral framework has sustainable value, looking forward to the future and development of STAR SHELL!


At present, STAR SHE LL PAY has received strategic investment from the world’s top payment companies Ebury, Revolut and other companies to jointly create digital currency payment, realize cross-border payment, and international transfer application scenarios. STAR SHE LL PAY has in-depth strategic cooperation with Singapore Aleta Bank to open up instant conversion between digital currency and legal currency. You can switch between digital currency and legal currency at any time directly in the bank card, bypassing the exchange. In any country in the world, you can swipe your card at any time and automatically settle the payment into the local country’s legal currency .

The payment field is coming out of the darkness and tyranny of the Middle Ages, and ushering in a renaissance belonging to the public. A revolution naturally needs pioneers to lead, and STAR SHE LL PAY is the leading role in the field of third-party payment . The WEB3 ecological aggregation payment platform STAR SHELL is gradually leading a new Web 3.0 revolution with its unique innovative ideas and technical strength.