Hotcoin to Launch Bityuan (BTY) Trading on July 14 at 14:00


According to the official Hotcoin announcement, BTY/USDT trading will open on July 14, 2024, at 14:00 (UTC+8). BTY deposits and withdrawals will open on July 14 at 10:00 (UTC+8).

BitYuan (BTY) is a public blockchain compatible with EVM and features a parallel chain architecture. It also integrates AI applications. Its mainnet supports data sharding and increases the system’s TPS as the number of nodes grows. Developers can directly migrate ETH dapp code and have greater freedom to customize parallel chains, making it a flexible and high-performance blockchain network.

Latest news on Phecda official public chain ecological consensus verification protocol

Introduction to Phecda Blockchain Phecda is a blockchain system based on the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm and is designed to achieve high availability, high throughput and high security. The Phecda blockchain improves the efficiency and performance of the system by electing representatives to verify transactions and generate new blocks.

Exchange online time: 2024.07.10 18:00 (UTC+8)

Listed exchange: Hotcoin

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Currency oracle machine ecology: Phecda Oracle machine

Key Features: (High Availability) Phecda blockchain adopts a distributed architecture, distributing nodes in multiple geographical locations to ensure that even if some nodes fail, the system can still operate normally. Representative nodes are elected through the DPOS algorithm to verify transactions and generate blocks, improving the availability of the system.

High throughput: The DPOS algorithm has a high degree of parallelism and can process multiple transactions at the same time, thus improving the throughput of the system. The representative nodes generate new blocks by taking turns to generate blocks, which effectively reduces the time for block generation and improves the speed of transaction processing.

High security: The Phecda blockchain has a high degree of security. Representative nodes are elected and they are responsible for verifying transactions and protecting network security. The voting mechanism and punishment mechanism are used to ensure the honesty and responsibility of representative nodes and prevent malicious behaviors and attacks.

Democratic governance: The Phecda blockchain adopts a democratic governance mechanism, and currency holders can participate in the decision-making and development of the network by voting for representative nodes. This democratized governance mechanism can enhance community participation and network stability.

Application scenarios: (Financial field) Phecda blockchain can be used to build efficient payment systems, digital asset trading platforms and smart contract platforms to provide fast and secure financial services.

Supply chain management: Phecda blockchain can be used to establish a transparent and efficient supply chain management system to realize supply chain traceability and supervision.

Voting and elections: Phecda blockchain can be used to implement secure and transparent online voting and election systems to ensure the fairness and security of the election process.

Solve the problem: In the era of AI and big data, the throughput of many chains is very low, resulting in untimely transactions and lagging performance. The dividends brought by high throughput are the value of the Phecda chain. Phecda is solving the bottleneck caused by throughput. and dependence.

Summary: Phecda blockchain is a high-availability, high-throughput, and high-security blockchain system based on the DPOS consensus algorithm. Through the DPOS algorithm and democratic governance mechanism, Phecda provides reliable blockchain solutions for various fields and promotes the development and application of blockchain technology.

Technology path: 10,000-level throughput/second–>100,000-level throughput/second->1 million-level throughput/second->100 million-level throughput/second

Ecological path: public chain->browser->cross-chain bridge->decentralized exchange->million WEB3 ecology

Support path: Technical documentation support->Excellent contract GAS rebate->Global WEB3 Innovation Competition

As blockchain technology gradually matures and the Web 3.0 era arrives, the interactive data on the chain is growing rapidly and is facing huge challenges. The top 20 public chain projects by market value change frequently, and the trend of differentiated competition among emerging public chains is gradually emerging. Differentiated competition is mainly reflected in breakthroughs in three aspects: consensus mechanism, programmability and scalability. For a new public chain, as long as it can achieve breakthroughs in these three aspects, it can meet the needs of more vertical applications and meet the needs of the incremental market. As Vitalik Buterin said on Twitter: “multi-chain”, the future is an era of multi-chain compatibility. In the Web3.0 era, public chains serve as the infrastructure and operating system of Web3.0. A good public chain and a valuable public chain should be decentralized, scalable, secure, interoperable, and developer-friendly. nature, sound ecological and economic systems and effective governance mechanisms. Such a public chain can provide users and developers with stable, secure, and efficient blockchain infrastructure and promote the widespread application and development of blockchain technology. Phecda is a blockchain system based on the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm and is designed to achieve high availability, high throughput and high security. The Phecda blockchain improves the efficiency and performance of the system by electing representatives to verify transactions and generate new blocks. Phecda adopts a new hybrid consensus mechanism of POS+DPOS+EPOS to ensure the fairness, transparency and security of the public chain. Users can freely participate in the governance and decision-making of the public chain, thereby achieving decentralized autonomy. Phecda can achieve 10,000+ TPS, block generation in 3 seconds and the lowest fees. Utilizing the modular underlying design of the current new public chain, the deployment of ecological applications and smart contracts can be adaptively compatible during system operation. Each module of the public chain can be upgraded independently without affecting the operation of the system, solving some current public problems. It has become a more efficient, stable and secure public chain system. Phecda’s new hybrid consensus algorithm has greatly improved the transaction speed and capacity of the blockchain. Users can enjoy high-speed transactions while significantly reducing transaction fees. TPoS works with an improved Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm to deal with unreliability and malicious behavior between nodes to ensure the security and consistency of the system. Phecda achieves better compatibility in terms of cross-chain security and operating costs, and can effectively solve the problems of current DApp projects on multi-chains such as inability to synchronize status and liquidity fragmentation. The first cross-chain product it launched, PCDBridge, also caused quite a stir in the industry. In the era of multi-chain coexistence, cross-chain is an urgent need in the future and has a large potential market share. As a protocol that achieves better compatibility in terms of cross-chain security and operating costs, Phecda will surely occupy a leading position in the encryption market. own place. Phecda nodes adopt a distributed architecture, distributing nodes in multiple geographical locations to ensure that even if some nodes fail, the system can still operate normally. The DPOS algorithm is used to elect representative nodes to verify transactions and generate blocks, improving the availability of the system. Phecda’s team is all doctoral students from prestigious universities, or highly sophisticated talents with many years of work experience in the world’s top 500 companies. In order to pursue the ultimate performance, the team works in the block It has been continuously researching and developing blockchain technology for 7 years, and has made epoch-making breakthroughs in consensus mechanisms, data storage, private key management, asset cross-chain and other aspects. Currently, it has obtained more than 60 international blockchain patents. Having high throughput, low fees, a smart contract platform, and cross-chain interoperability are not enough to make a public chain a valuable public chain. The most important thing is that the public chain should be able to meet the actual needs of the market, provide solutions for vertical industries, and integrate the needs of the incremental market. The application scenarios of the public chain and the professionalism in vertical fields will become the key factors for the success of the public chain. Whether it is finance, AI, supply chain, Internet of Things, games, social networking, metaverse or other fields, the public chain should be able to provide specific solutions and achieve real implementation and commercial applications in these fields. Phecda Chain relies on powerful The foundation supports cooperation with multiple communities, giving public chain governance authority to the community, and supporting community development in terms of ecological construction. The hot currency exchange will be launched in July 2024. In the future, it will be launched on multiple well-known centralized exchanges. Through secondary The injection of market funds has allowed Phecda’s market value to continue to rise, achieving its goal of entering the top 10 in the world within two years.

The X-Mars Project, a vertical field artificial intelligence application research program for OpenAI API led by OpenAI investment, has arrived

The launch of ChatGPT is a watershed for the development of artificial intelligence. After its release on November 30, 2022, it has set off a storm on the Internet, and the number of users has exceeded 1 million in just five days. As of December 2023, ChatGPT has approximately 180 million users.

ChatGPT generates an average of 1.7 billion website views per month.


It is expected that ChatGPT will generate $1 billion in revenue in 2024.


At the beginning of 2023, ChatGPT became a global focus with its astonishing user growth rate, with the number of users exceeding 100 million in just two months. However, over time, this growth momentum seems to have slowed down. The latest data shows that ChatGPT’s growth in traffic has stagnated in the past year。


In fact, in the past year, the growth point of AI may have shifted to other fields.

With the emergence of AI startups like mushrooms after rain, the application scenarios of AI are constantly being segmented – providing better user interface options (such as IDEs and image/file editors), better native integration, stronger privacy and enterprise protection, and more detailed control permissions (the default RAG configuration of GPTs is too simple and cannot be adjusted).

It can be found that there are two ways for AI to make profits: “bundling” and “unbinding” AI capabilities.

Specifically, companies led by OpenAI win by bundling the capabilities representing General Artificial Intelligence (AGI), while startups can leverage OpenAI’s APIs to build their own applications and benefit from them.

OpenAI has achieved success in bundling AGI capabilities, but also faces pressure from vertical startups to unbind. For example, Klarna integrated ChatGPT into its application, demonstrating the influence of OpenAI API in the vertical field. But it also affects the traffic data of OpenAI.

Therefore, OpenAI responds to the demand for verticalization: instead of leaving the platform and subscribing to services everywhere, it is better to stay at ChatGPT and make a one-time payment, allowing OpenAI to distribute revenue to GPT creators. However, GPT creators have also found new ways to make profits: only releasing “lightweight” products in ChatGPT as a means of attracting traffic to the main platform.

The X-Mars program will integrate ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain and build intelligent products to help ChatGPT attract more comprehensive data and facilitate the rapid application and landing of ChatGPT products.


What is the X-Mars program?

The X-Mars program was developed by Microsoft OpenAI、Coin WIN、 Coin Capital leads the investment in the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Application Research Program established by Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Data Laboratory (HKAI LAB), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, and other former OpenAI members. Sam and Greg are the leaders of the program.

The X-Mars program uses Web3 technology and blockchain to authenticate, manage, learn data, and develop applications for artificial intelligence, creating an AI exclusive network with AI learning capabilities – the Mars AI public chain. The Mars AI public chain has obtained authorization for payment licenses, OpenAI operation rights, and brand rights in the United States. Based on authorization, the X-Mars program integrates ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain, combines artificial intelligence learning network modules to build diversified vertical domain ecological products, and develops based on the ETH two-layer network to help ChatGPT more comprehensively attract data, facilitate the rapid landing of GPT-4 applications, promote the rapid iteration and update of ChatGPT products, help people improve work efficiency, and promote rapid economic development.

What will the X-Mars program do?

The X-Mars program will integrate with ChatGPT, integrate ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain, build wallets, intelligent applications, intelligent electronic devices, and other products based on artificial intelligence learning network modules, and launch intelligent products of OpenAI API in the vertical field, showcasing the influence of OpenAI API in the vertical field. This not only helps ChatGPT to more comprehensively attract data, but also lays a solid foundation for the development of the program.

In Phase 1.0, the X-Mars program will fully integrate the API of ChatGPT, combine blockchain technology and Web3 technology, and launch a new economic model using Xcoin tokens and smart electronic devices as carriers. It will attract users through sales of smart electronic devices and pledge mining incentives.

In the early stage, the X-Mars program will pre-sale two smart electronic devices, the X-watch and the foldable AI phone.

Smart AI Watch: X-watch

X-wach formed and developed an intelligent AI watch called “Personal Health Big Language Model” for the X-Mars project team. Emphasis is placed on the research, learning, and reasoning of human physiological and behavioral data, such as the user’s exercise time and patterns, sleep time, and toilet time, all of which are learned and recorded. For example, if you choose to do a 1-hour morning run in the morning and a 1-hour equipment training in the evening, the AI watch will infer your need for fat loss or muscle gain based on the calories burned and the duration of each exercise, in order to design a more suitable nutritional diet for you. Meanwhile, after learning to analyze your life data, X-wach can quickly identify anomalies from the data and provide problem analysis once problems are discovered.

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●X-wach functional features

Folding AI Phone

We have launched the latest series of foldable AI phones, providing users with personalized agents by embedding AI models and optimizing user interaction through AI to enhance the user experience.

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Intelligent AI folding phone

Intelligent AI mobile phone

Folding AI phones have multiple functions and advantages

● Function:

One sentence video editing: Users can generate short stories by describing one sentence;

Text summary generation: In work, voice conference content can generate real-time summary summaries.

Translate: Supports voice communication translation for different countries, providing valuable assistance for users who communicate across different languages.

AI photography: Through the AI lens, it can help real-time self correction and facial expression management under the camera, making the photos taken full of confidence.


Personalization: Through AI, users can learn their preferences and habits, bringing a more personalized device experience.

Efficiency: Through AI, tasks can be automated and device performance can be optimized, saving time and extending battery life.

Innovation: Enhancing AI functionality brings users a brand new experience, helping them save time and improve work and life efficiency.

Users participating in the pre-sale subscription of X-Mars intelligent electronic devices can not only receive exquisite smartwatches or phones, enjoy a smart and convenient life, but also earn AI token Xcoin dividends through device mining.

With the development of the ecosystem, the X-Mars program will also launch a feature rich and secure encrypted wallet: the X-Mars Wallet, which can be applied to various artificial intelligence applications such as AI digital humans, AI education, AI creation, AI chat, AI music, as well as a variety of intelligent electronic devices to better help people improve work efficiency and promote rapid economic development.

Support for the X-Mars program

Firstly, the X-Mars program was awarded by Microsoft OpenAI、Coin WIN、 The investment of Binsheng Capital not only benefits Microsoft, but also OpenAI、Coin WIN、 Binsheng Capital provides funding, technical and other resource support, as well as MSB payment license support provided by Coin WIN, as well as secure, compliant, and professional asset trading and management services.

Secondly, the X-Mars program is an advanced artificial intelligence application research program established by Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Data Laboratory (HKAI LAB), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, and other former OpenAI members. Not only can it obtain the strategic thinking layout and top-notch technical support of the top circle of OpenAI members, but it can also obtain the operating and brand rights authorized by OpenAI.

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At the same time, the X-Mars program has also reached strategic partnerships with institutions such as Apple, PWC, Reddit, Amazon, and Zalando. Through multi-party cooperation and resource integration, it allows a wide range of investors to easily use artificial intelligence products and enjoy the dividends brought by the combination of AI intelligence and finance.

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With the support of multiple investment research institutions and strategic partners, the X-Mars program will stand out in the competition through the strategic vision of the top circles in the industry, top-notch technical support, comprehensive AI application layout, and excellent user experience. By continuously attracting GPT creators and users through multiple benefits and new user experiences, the X-Mars program can not only help ChatGPT to more comprehensively attract data, assist in the rapid implementation of GPT-4 applications, promote the rapid iteration and update of ChatGPT products, expand the vertical influence of OpenAI API, but also quickly capture market share and become a unicorn in the AI field.

Join the X-Mars program and embark on a smart and convenient new life!

Rouse Pro Elite SVIP Peer Advisory Group Successfully Concludes

On June 23, the “Rouse Pro Elite SVIP Peer Advisory Group,” empowered by the full-chain financial protocol Rouse Pro, successfully concluded in Kuala Lumpur! This journey of ecosystem consensus is another step forward in Rouse Pro’s market promotion and expansion efforts.


Notably, in the project evaluation segment of the W2140 Kuala Lumpur Web3 Carnival, Rouse Pro won the “Innovation Pioneer Award” due to its highly innovative business model, extensive DeFi resources, and excellent product commercialization capabilities after fierce competition.

The conference gathered dozens of Rouse Pro elite leaders and Web3 pioneers to seize the next wave of global opportunities! As the host of the peer advisory group, Rouse Pro will progress with the times, exploring the depths of the Web3 market and empowering the DeFi ecosystem with the momentum of an industry unicorn!

The meeting began with a keynote speech by Rouse Pro Global Ambassador Nicholas titled “Opportunities in the Development of RWA and DeFi.” He stated that the RWA sector, as a bridge to DeFi, seems to have become the new hot narrative. Unlike other traditional DeFi products, Real World Assets (RWA) are introducing a new wave of DeFi products, providing a novel financial service experience for investors and asset owners. With the efforts of the DeFi ecosystem represented by Rouse Pro, empowering user needs and creating more value for investors will be the future industry trend.


Following this, Caroline, the head of Ruoshuitang, presented a keynote speech on “WuDao Health Products Introduction.” WuDao will be a token integrating the health industry, and Rouse Pro combines Web3, DeFi, and smart contract technology to implement the concept of decentralized community autonomy. “Rouse” means awakening, and “Wu” is the Chinese character for enlightenment, symbolizing a true understanding of the balance between centralization and decentralization. She mentioned that the WuDao platform would build a health mall to further integrate the real-world sector and the crypto economy. Currently, the platform’s health products include bear bile powder, wild ginseng, sanghuang freeze-dried powder, and broken spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum.


Caroline’s unique insights received enthusiastic responses from the guests. The subsequent launch ceremony brought the event to a climax. With the countdown from the on-site guests, “3, 2, 1,” Rouse Pro 2.0 was officially launched globally, marking another milestone achievement.


Next, representatives from the seven Rouse Pro communities in Vietnam, India, Greater China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia took the stage to share their insights, narrating their deep engagement journey with the Rouse Pro ecosystem.

Through this summit, many Web3 evangelists deeply understood that Rouse Pro not only demonstrated its advantages in technology and DeFi applications but also heralded the golden era of decentralized finance. As RWA develops, more and more industrial ecosystems will be built on the crypto financial network, playing an increasingly important role in the future digital economy, with the Rouse Pro team playing a significant role in this field.

Reflecting on the history of the Rouse Pro platform’s development, it is a true reflection of a brand that respects its users and achieves mutual success with them. Rouse Pro recognized the market potential of the DeFi field early on, thus promoting technological innovation and viewing business model innovation as a key pillar of its operational strategy. Looking ahead, Rouse Pro is committed to accelerating the construction of various business segments, building a comprehensive on-chain financial ecosystem, and contributing to the healthy development of the DeFi industry.

Guotai Gold ETF Set for Major Launch, with Asia-Pacific Club and National Operation Centers Simultaneously Activated

Recently, the Asia-Pacific financial market has been swept up in a fervent wave of investment enthusiasm, with one standout being the futures product launched by Chinese national enterprise Guotai Gold. Within just two weeks of its debut, it has achieved a remarkable milestone of one billion, delivering substantial returns and surprises to investors. This accomplishment marks Guotai Gold’s foray into the international arena, showcasing its strength and potential, and establishing itself as a formidable force in the Asia-Pacific gold market. 545012910144593673

Guotai Gold is a new segment jointly launched by German Investment and Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. This collaboration signifies a powerful alliance between two financial giants in the gold investment sector, aiming to provide global investors with high-quality gold financial products. Additionally, the Hong Kong Investment Fund Association has completed the first round of funding, injecting $50 million into Guotai Gold, enabling gold trading through Guotai Gold and issuing gold exchange-traded open-end securities investment funds—Guotai Gold Futures and Guotai Gold ETF, open for subscription to all customers.

In the ever-changing financial market, Guotai Gold not only brings substantial returns to investors but also offers a safe, stable, and efficient investment platform. The rapid rise of Guotai Gold Futures is a testament to the confidence in the financial market, injecting new momentum and vitality into its stable development and healthy operation. Investors not only recognize the Guotai Gold brand but also have full confidence in the quality of its products and market prospects.

Guotai Gold’s remarkable achievements are attributable to its extensive experience and deep accumulation in the gold market. As a long-established national enterprise, Guotai Gold possesses robust resources and advantages, enabling it to promptly capture market changes and provide investors with precise investment advice and services.

On June 16, Guotai Gold ETF will make a significant debut in the Asia-Pacific market, signifying further expansion in the gold sector and a major boost to the Asia-Pacific financial market. At that time, Guotai Gold’s 100 clubs in the Asia-Pacific region and operation centers in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore will simultaneously open, providing comprehensive services and support to investors. As a flagship product of Guotai Gold, the Guotai Gold ETF will lead new trends in gold investment in the Asia-Pacific market, offering investors a safe, flexible, and stable gold investment experience, achieving dual goals of wealth appreciation and asset preservation.


Guotai Gold ETF is highly regarded for its four main advantages:

Firstly, safety is one of the core competitive strengths of the Guotai Gold ETF. Issued by Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. and custodied by HSBC Hong Kong, the substantial initial fundraising scale of 4.10 billion provides a solid guarantee for investors’ fund security.

Secondly, legality ensures the compliance and stability of investments. The Guotai Gold ETF invests in financial instruments listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, strictly adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and supervisory requirements, providing investors with a compliant and legitimate investment channel.

Thirdly, the cyclical advantage offers more flexible investment choices. The Guotai Gold ETF features 30-day, 45-day, and 60-day cycles, allowing investors to choose according to their needs, achieving flexible adjustments and maximizing returns.

Lastly, profitability is the key concern for investors. The Guotai Gold ETF offers stable daily returns and considerable promotional returns. Compared to other gold ETFs, the Guotai Gold ETF employs strict risk control and high-quality portfolio management, closely tracking gold asset price changes, realizing more stable and reliable income growth.

The launch of the Guotai Gold ETF marks a further consolidation and expansion of Guotai Gold in the Asia-Pacific market, bringing safer, more legitimate, flexible, and profitable investment options to investors in the region. It is a significant boon for Asia-Pacific investors, offering more investment opportunities and returns, providing solid support for wealth appreciation and asset preservation.

Guotai Gold’s success is not only a testament to the company’s strength but also a shining moment for Chinese enterprises in the international market. The rise of Guotai Gold will drive the healthy development and growth of the Asia-Pacific financial industry. Under the leadership of Guotai Gold, the future of the Asia-Pacific gold market looks brighter and more prosperous.

Analyzing Tapbit Exchange’s Recent Sharp Increase in Ranking and Its Prospects

Since its establishment in 2021, Tapbit has been well-known among cryptocurrency enthusiasts for its safe transactions, fast transaction speeds, high-quality products, and excellent service experience. Today, three years later, Tapbit’s ranking has risen to 32st in Coin Marketcap CEX Derivative ranking, and 39th in Coin Marketcap CEX Spot ranking(updated on 3rd, June 2024) which not only shows Tapbit’s determination to build a professional and high-quality centralized exchange but also shows the trust in users in the platform and the endurance and resilience of the platform’s development.

Excellent standards have enabled Tapbit to continue to thrive

Tapbit’s rise coincides with a period of significant innovation and expansion in the cryptocurrency industry. Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology are transforming traditional financial systems. Tapbit’s ability to adapt to these trends by integrating new technologies and offering innovative products has contributed to its success.

Therefore, it is no accident that Tapbit is still thriving in business.

Market Position and Growth

In the centralized exchange market, Tapbit was initially inconspicuous in the rankings. Log in to the platform, you will see a clean interface, simple trading functions, and not much information explosion marketing methods.

/Users/0x_arno/Downloads/A Borderless Crypto Platform-6.4.jpgA Borderless Crypto Platform-6.4

However, Tapbit has achieved a rare level of operational excellence, and its strength and technical level are gradually being seen and appreciated. Tapbit is also expanding its digital asset categories. According to Coin Marketcap, it now has more than 339 spot trading pairs and 106 contract trading pairs.

The Solana on-chain meme coin market in 2024 is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. For example, GME, BONK, and PONKE all lead the trend with their unique goals and functions. These outstanding meme coins have captured the hearts of the community and opened up new directions with their forward-looking strategies.

In addition to having top-of-ranking cryptocurrencies, Tapbit is also catching up with the trend. According to data, since May, Tapbit has screened many popular meme coins in the market for users. From the Coin Marketcap cryptocurrencies ranking list data, over 70% of the spot trading pairs Tapbit has are in the Top 500. This shows that Tapbit has not only been based on trading projects, but has also been keeping up with trends, doing market research seriously, and using high-quality social media operations as an auxiliary means to give users the most intuitive, exciting, and safest asset investment direction.

Tapbit’s core features:

Secure website architecture and user asset insurance system

Security remains a critical concern in the cryptocurrency space. Major exchanges have faced hacks and breaches, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures. Tapbit’s commitment to security, coupled with regulatory compliance, positions it as a reliable platform in a market where trust is paramount. The insurance system Tapbit offers further reassures users, distinguishing it from many competitors.

One-stop trading, leading product quantity and quality

In the centralized exchange market, Tapbit was initially inconspicuous in the rankings. Log in to the platform, you will see a clean interface, simple trading functions, and not much information explosion marketing methods. But from any indicator, Tapbit has achieved a rare level of operational excellence, and its strength and technical level are gradually being seen and appreciated.

User-centric service strategy

Open Tapbit’s official website and four core features come into view. At the same time, in every corner of social media and communities, Tapbit has been repeatedly emphasizing the four core competencies. The author believes that this is not only a business model, an advertising template, but also a kind of confidence pose. Open Tapbit’s official Telegram group, the administrator interacts with thousands of users from various countries every day to help users fix problems, understand the rules of the event, and receive preferential benefits. This highly sticky social method is compared with the cold and simple official website design, which is repeated everywhere throughout the social platform.

Endorsement by authoritative institutions

Tapbit has received endorsements and certifications from several reputable institutions, enhancing its credibility in the market. These endorsements signify Tapbit’s adherence to high standards of operation and regulatory compliance, fostering greater confidence among its users.

Regional Success and Expansion

Tapbit has achieved remarkable results. According to the latest data from the platform, Tapbit has achieved a blowout development in the Southeast Asian and Korean markets. In April 2024, the traffic share of the Korean market increased by nearly 15 times compared with the same period. At the same time, Asian markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, and Malaysia also achieved growth ranging from 80% to 3914%. While the data increased dramatically, Tapbit is also actively expanding other potential areas for centralized virtual currency trading.

In conclusion, Tapbit’s journey since 2021 illustrates a successful blend of security, user-centric services, and market adaptability. Its steady rise in the rankings, coupled with significant market expansions and a diverse range of trading options, highlights its potential for continued growth and influence in the cryptocurrency industry. As the market evolves, Tapbit’s focus on innovation, community engagement, and operational excellence will likely drive its future successes, making it a notable player in the centralized exchange market.

An Overview of Nanon Network: The Gaming Blockchain with $10 Million in Funding

Introduction to Nanon Network

Nanon Network is a high-performance, modular blockchain platform specifically designed for gaming. Its creation marks a significant step forward in technological innovation within the gaming industry. With recent completion of a $10 million financing round, Nanon Network has garnered strong support from industry giants such as SIG, The9 Limited, LK Venture, and FBG Capital, showcasing the market’s recognition and anticipation for its technology and future prospects.

SIG is the largest external investor in ByteDance and the largest institutional holder of BTC spot ETF; The9 Limited was the early agent for World of Warcraft; LK Venture’s parent company Blueport Interactive is a well-known listed company in the gaming sector. Nanon Network aims to provide a high-performance, modular platform and build an all-in-one gaming ecosystem, covering various aspects from game promotion, asset issuance to trading markets, guild management, and portal information, creating comprehensive gaming ecosystem products.

High Performance and Modular Design

Nanon Network aims to provide a highly scalable and efficient gaming blockchain solution with its core advantage being modular design. This design allows the platform to flexibly add or update various features to meet the evolving needs of the gaming market and technological advancements. In this way, Nanon Network can support games of various scales, from small indie games to large-scale MMORPGs.

Comprehensive Gaming Ecosystem

As an all-in-one gaming blockchain platform, Nanon Network offers a full range of services, including game promotion, asset issuance, trading market, guild management, and portal information. These services collectively build a complete gaming ecosystem, allowing developers to focus on creating outstanding gaming experiences without worrying about the underlying technical and market challenges. Additionally, this ecosystem enables players to enjoy a smoother gaming experience and more efficient asset transactions.

Major Game Titles

Nanon Network is not just a technical platform; it will also launch several major games, including “PlayerOne” (a blockchain version of Minecraft), “Eternal” (a blockchain version of Aion), and “WarStone” (a blockchain version of Hearthstone). These games cover a range of genres from sandbox treasure hunting to epic card strategies, expected to attract a wide global player base.

Node Mining and Token Economy

Node operators play a crucial role in Nanon Network’s ecosystem. By participating in node mining, operators not only support the network’s stability and security but also receive Nanon tokens as rewards. Additionally, Nanon employs a strategy of limiting total supply and repurchasing and burning tokens to ensure long-term value appreciation. For node purchasers seeking zero-risk investment, Nanon also offers a principal-protected repurchase option after one year.

Through these advanced technologies and economic strategies, Nanon Network not only addresses some of the core issues facing the current gaming industry but also lays a solid foundation for future development.

Main Features and Advantages of Nanon Network

As a blockchain platform designed specifically for gaming, Nanon Network provides a series of groundbreaking advantages in the gaming industry through its innovative technology and modular architecture.

Highly Modular Design

One of the core features of Nanon Network is its highly modular design. This design not only provides great flexibility but also allows developers to customize and expand their applications according to specific game needs. Whether it is a small indie development project or a large-scale MMORPG, Nanon’s modular structure ensures that the platform can easily adapt to various complexities.

EVM-Compatible Game Blockchain

By implementing an EVM-compatible game blockchain, Nanon Network not only allows developers to leverage the extensive resources of the existing Ethereum ecosystem but also significantly improves transaction efficiency and network scalability through its modular expansion. This structural design enables Nanon Network to maintain low latency and high throughput when handling a large number of game transactions.

All-in-One Gaming Ecosystem Products

Nanon Network offers a comprehensive range of gaming ecosystem services, including game promotion, asset issuance, trading market, guild management, and gaming information. This all-in-one solution greatly simplifies the complexity of game development and operation, allowing developers to focus more on creating engaging gaming experiences while providing players with richer interaction and trading platforms.

OP Stack Technology Solution

Built on OP Stack technology, Nanon Network optimizes transaction processing and data storage mechanisms through its advanced Layer 2 scaling technology. This implementation not only reduces transaction costs but also enhances network security and decentralization, ensuring the security of player assets and the stable operation of the network.

Comprehensive Gaming Ecosystem Products

While strengthening its gaming blockchain platform, Nanon Network is also actively expanding its all-in-one gaming ecosystem products to meet the needs of different game developers and players. Here are some of the main products and their key features:

Game Portal & Promotion Engine

Introduction: Optimize game promotion strategies using data analysis and AI technology, achieving unprecedented exposure and conversion rates through precise marketing.

Key Features:

Data-Driven Optimization: Integrate big data analysis and user behavior research, optimize game promotion through AI, and enhance conversion rates and ROI.

All-in-One Promotion Tools: Simplify the process of creating, deploying, and managing ads, offering an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features.

Multi-Channel Coverage: Integrate various channels, such as social media and gaming guilds, for extensive market reach.

Game Asset Issuance Platform

Key Features:

Project Showcase: Provide a platform for game developers to showcase their projects and attract investors and users’ attention.

Asset Issuance Support: Offer end-to-end solutions from technical integration to market strategies.

Market Access: Leverage Nanon Network’s resources to support the market promotion and user acquisition of game projects.

Game Asset Trading Platform

Key Features:

Fair and Transparent Transactions: Use blockchain technology to ensure transaction security and asset authenticity.

Support for Diverse Assets: Support transactions of various game assets to meet wide-ranging needs.

Simple Trading Experience: Provide an intuitive trading interface, simplifying the process of buying and selling.

Game and Guild Management Platform

Key Features:

Integrated Operations Tools: Integrate data analysis and player management tools to support efficient operations.

Marketing Strategy Support: Offer marketing strategies and implementation support to help attract and retain active players.

Community Building Support: Provide tools and strategies to help build and maintain player communities.

Web3 Gaming Information Platform

Key Features:

Comprehensive Content: Offer the latest gaming news, reviews, tutorials, and industry analysis.

Community Interaction: Encourage content creation and discussion to drive industry development.

Tutorial Resources: Provide tutorials to support players and developers in understanding and joining the Web3 gaming field.

Through these all-in-one solutions, Nanon Network not only strengthens its position as a technology provider but also creates a fully supported environment for game developers and players, thereby driving innovation and growth in the entire blockchain gaming industry.

Application Scenarios of Ecosystem Products

As a blockchain platform focused on gaming, Nanon Network offers multiple application scenarios that leverage its technological advantages to solve common issues in the gaming industry and promote new business models. Here are some key application scenarios and practical use cases:

Asset Trading

On Nanon Network, players can trade in-game assets, such as equipment, items, and virtual currency, in a secure environment. Utilizing the immutability of blockchain technology, transaction records are transparent and irreversible, reducing the likelihood of fraud. For example, players who mine rare ores in the game “MineBlock” can directly sell them to other players on the platform, eliminating the need for third-party trading platforms, thereby reducing transaction fees and time delays.

Cross-Game Asset Interoperability

Nanon Network supports interoperability of assets between different games, allowing players to use or display assets acquired in one game in another. For instance, advanced skins obtained in “PlayerOne” can be used in “MineBlock”. This interoperability not only increases the utility of assets but also promotes player interaction and community building across different games.

Gamification of Finance

Through Nanon Network, developers can build complex economic models supporting in-game financial derivatives, such as asset collateralization and trading. This allows players to handle their virtual assets as they would real-world assets. For example, players can collateralize their equipment in “Eternal” to obtain in-game loans to purchase higher-grade equipment or other investment projects.

Game Promotion and Marketing

Nanon Network provides tools and platforms to support game promotion activities and marketing strategies. Developers can leverage the transparency of blockchain to create trustworthy promotion activities, such as limited edition NFT issuance or special rewards, to attract new players and reward loyal ones. For instance, game developers might issue special edition NFTs to the first 1,000 players as a reward for participating in early game testing.

Guild and Community Management

Using Nanon Network, gaming guilds and communities can more effectively manage their members and resources. Blockchain technology can help ensure fair and transparent contribution and reward distribution among guild members. Additionally, guilds can automate fee collection and resource distribution through smart contracts.

Nanon Token Economy

Initial Distribution

In designing the Nanon Network token economy, a total supply of 2 billion Nanon tokens has been set. The distribution of these tokens aims to support the long-term sustainable development and community activities of the network, as well as reward node operators and community members who contribute to the network.

Nodes & Community – 55%:

Node Production: 50% of the total supply is used to reward node operators, supporting network security and efficiency.

Community Building: 5% of the total supply is used for community development and various community incentive activities.

Ecosystem – 11%:

Initial Unlock: 2% is unlocked at TGE (Token Generation Event) to support the initial development of the ecosystem.

Subsequent Unlock: The remaining 9% will begin unlocking 6 months after TGE, following a 36-month linear unlocking mechanism,totaling 42 months.

LP (Liquidity Provision) – 2%:

Immediate Unlock: Unlocked at TGE to facilitate market liquidity.

Investments – 15%:

Locking and Release:

10.4% of the total supply, where 40% will be locked for 9 months and then linearly released over the next 10 months; 60% will be locked for 24 months and then released in the same manner over the next 10 months.

4.6% of the total supply, where 10% will be released in the 6th month, with the remaining 90% locked for 9 months and then linearly released over the next 9 months.

KOL Round – 2%:

Unlocking Plan: 10% is immediately unlocked at TGE, with the remaining 90% locked for 6 months and then linearly released over the next 15 months.

Team – 15%:

Team Incentives: Begin unlocking 18 months after TGE, then linearly unlocked over the next 36 months, totaling 45 months.

About Nanon Tokens

Nanon tokens are the primary governance and ecosystem tokens of Nanon Network, similar to traditional Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) blockchain platform tokens. They are fully transferable and can be used for network governance, with a certain proportion of network transaction fees used for repurchasing and burning Nanon. Nanon and esNanon can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio, a design intended to bring balance and completeness to the ecosystem.

esNanon Tokens and Staking Mechanism

esNanon tokens are a special type of token that is non-tradable and non-transferable, primarily used for staking in the Nanon ecosystem to obtain various benefits. This includes rewards for stakers participating in ecological construction and maintaining network security. Staking esNanon offers multiple advantages, such as participating in governance, pool rewards, and potential future airdrop events.

Mining Pools and Reward Mechanism

Nanon provides mining pool functionality, especially for users owning Shield Key super nodes. These super nodes can create their own mining pools, manage pool configurations, and distribute rewards based on the staked amount of esNanon. This pooling strategy not only improves the consistency of rewards but also increases community members’ cooperation through collaboration.

Shield Key and Node Rewards

Nanon’s node reward mechanism is central to its token economy. The total supply is set at 2 billion Nanon, most of which is used to reward users running nodes. As participation increases, the system automatically adjusts the release of rewards to ensure long-term security and activity of the network.

Governance and Community Participation

Nanon emphasizes the importance of community governance. In the future, it is expected that esNanon and Shield Key holders will be able to vote on significant network changes and governance proposals, directly influencing the network’s development direction.

Economic Model Sustainability

Nanon has designed a series of economic strategies to ensure the sustainability of its token economy, including a token repurchase plan and meticulous management of pool rewards. These strategies aim to maintain token value, motivate participants to remain active, and support the healthy development of the entire ecosystem.

Future Development Plans and Outlook

Nanon Network has already established a solid foundation within the gaming blockchain industry. Its future development plans and outlook aim to further expand its technological boundaries, strengthen its global market influence, and deepen the functionality and user experience of its ecosystem.

Technological Development and Innovation

Nanon Network plans to continue investing in technology R&D, especially in enhancing the performance and security of its existing game blockchain. Additionally, Nanon will support ongoing Ethereum upgrades to ensure compatibility and cutting-edge status with major blockchain technologies.

Ecosystem Expansion

As technology matures and the market expands, Nanon Network will strive to attract more game developers and content creators to its platform. This includes providing more development tools and resources to lower the entry barrier for developers, as well as expanding its marketing and user acquisition strategies to increase the global user base.

Community and Collaboration

To further enhance the cohesion and engagement of its community, Nanon plans to launch more community-driven projects and activities. This includes online seminars, developer conferences, and user gatherings, as well as enhancing interaction and collaboration among community members. Additionally, Nanon will continue to collaborate with industry partners to jointly promote blockchain gaming standards and practices.

Sustainable Development and Governance

Nanon Network plans to transition to a model managed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) over the next few years, making the platform’s operations more transparent and democratic. By implementing effective governance structures and incentive mechanisms, Nanon aims to involve all stakeholders in the network’s governance and decision-making processes.

Long-Term Goals

Looking long-term, Nanon Network aims to become a global leader in the gaming blockchain platform, not only as a technological innovator but also as a leader in ecological transformation in the gaming industry. By continuously optimizing its platform and services, Nanon hopes to support more game types and business models, truly pushing blockchain gaming into the mainstream market.

Nanon Network has already demonstrated its significant impact on the gaming industry and its great potential for future development in a short time. With innovative technology and a well-thought-out economic model, it not only addresses many of the existing challenges in the gaming industry but also provides developers and players with a new platform full of opportunities. As more collaborations and community activities progress, along with continuous technological upgrades and ecosystem expansion, Nanon Network is poised to shape the future of gaming experiences, making them richer and more dynamic.

CoinNexus Launches Felice Plan, Ushering in a New Era of Web3.0 Financial Technology


June 2, CoinNexus blockchain has once again demonstrated its forward-thinking vision and exceptional potential with the official launch of its groundbreaking “Felice Plan.” This marks a significant step forward for CoinNexus in the wave of Web3.0 innovation.

The Felice Plan is an innovative financial incentive mechanism that offers participants stable and predictable returns through staking Plan. It encourages users to hold onto their tokens for the long term, fostering a stronger commitment to the network and contributing to the steady growth of token value.

The cornerstone of the Felice Plan is its unique staking rules and reward system. Participants can increase their stake in each new staking round, strengthening their position in the network. As the stake amount grows, participants enjoy higher reward rates, recognizing their greater contribution to the network. Additionally, the plan sets a ceiling on earnings, ensuring returns remain within a manageable range.

Beyond staking rewards, the Felice Plan introduces multiple incentives such as referral bonuses, community rewards, and peer-to-peer incentives. These mechanisms not only motivate participants to actively promote the Felice Plan and attract more users, but also foster collaboration and mutual benefit among participants.

Notably, the Felice Plan also includes a network-wide dividend mechanism. Depending on participants’ levels and achievements, the platform distributes 19% of the total stake among all levels, providing an additional revenue stream for participants. This mechanism further boosts investors’ confidence and promotes the prosperity of the CoinNexus ecosystem.

The founding team of CoinNexus blockchain expressed that the launch of the Felice Plan is a significant milestone in the development of the CoinNexus ecosystem. They hope to attract more users to join the CoinNexus community and jointly promote the advancement of Web3.0 financial technology. They also look forward to working closely with participants to create a brighter future.

In the wave of Web3.0, CoinNexus blockchain stands out with its remarkable potential and forward-thinking vision, leading the future of financial technology. The launch of the Felice Plan has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the CoinNexus ecosystem. Let’s look forward to the remarkable achievements CoinNexus will achieve in the field of Web3.0 financial technology!

Join hands to build smart cities and improve the quality of life in the futureHero In The East&Toronto Smart Solutions

Recently, in Toronto, Canada, Hero In The East and Toronto Smart Solutions held a solemn signing ceremony, announcing that the two parties would jointly launch a new smart city project. The project aims to develop and implement intelligent transportation systems, energy management solutions and public safety platforms to improve the efficiency of urban management and the quality of life of residents.


Hero In The East is a high-tech enterprise focusing on technological innovation. It is good at artificial intelligence, big data analysis, edge computing and other fields, and is committed to promoting digital transformation and smart city construction. Toronto Smart Solutions is Canada’s leading provider of smart city solutions and has rich experience in urban management and technological innovation.

This cooperation will give full play to the technical and resource advantages of both parties and work together to build an intelligent and efficient urban management system. The project will cover the design and implementation of intelligent transportation systems, including intelligent traffic lights, vehicle tracking systems, etc.; the development of energy management solutions to optimize and save energy consumption; and the construction of public safety platforms to improve the city’s security management level. .


At the signing ceremony, representatives from both parties expressed their expectations and confidence in cooperation. The CEO of Hero In The East said: “We are very happy to reach a cooperation agreement with Toronto Smart Solutions to jointly promote the development of smart city projects. Through cooperation between the two parties, we will bring smarter, safer, and more efficient services to the citizens of Toronto. A more convenient urban living experience.”

The CEO of Toronto Smart Solutions also said: “Hero In The East has rich technical experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data, and we are confident in this cooperation. We look forward to working together to build a smart city for Toronto through the cooperation between the two parties.” A smarter, more livable city.”

The cooperation between the two parties will surely inject new vitality and impetus into Toronto’s smart city construction, bringing more convenience and well-being to urban development and residents’ lives.


Hotcoin will list Red Devil Knight (HF) for trading on May 29 at 12:00


According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, they will open HF/USDT trading at 12:00 (UTC+8) on May 29, 2024, and HF deposits and withdrawals at 11:00 on May 29, 2024.

Red Devil Knight is a blockchain-driven sports platform powered by artificial intelligence. It offers sports event consultation, data analysis, investment services, and secure trading through its one-stop service platform.