3EX Six Years of Brilliance, Embarking on a New Chapter

The 3EX trading platform recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. In these six years, 3EX has witnessed the ever-changing crypto market. In this era of significant developments, 3EX has not only made the leap from zero to one but also transcended from excellent to outstanding, leading the industry with innovation and professionalism, becoming the world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform.

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Six Years of Brilliance, A Journey of Glory

In 2017, the founding team of 3EX was born, carrying the dream of providing a high-quality digital trading experience for global users. Headquartered in Dubai, 3EX received comprehensive support from a top ten global fintech group. The 3EX parent company operates in multiple sectors including forex, private equity, and investment, serving over seven million investors worldwide. It holds financial business compliance licenses in multiple countries, including the UK, UAE, USA, and Canada.

Since its inception, 3EX has always adhered to the philosophy of “Customer First, Experience Priority,” continuously exploring and innovating. Through relentless efforts, 3EX has grown from an initial team of a dozen people into an international company with over 300 professionals, serving more than five million users globally. Our growth is inseparable from the trust and support of every user.

3EX: Six Years of Breakthroughs in Digital Asset Trading

We successfully activated the 3ex.com main domain, valued at 5 million USD, marking a significant brand upgrade.

We optimized our trade matching engine, significantly enhancing trading stability and efficiency.

We launched the BitBroker Innovative Partner System, achieving scalable and standardized management of partner teams.

Looking Forward to a New Chapter

On this 6th anniversary, 3EX pioneers in applying the powerful AI capabilities of GPT to the digital asset trading field, transforming 3EX into the world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform. Users can easily create trading strategy scripts through conversation, enjoying services like simulating historical profits and losses, automatically triggering trading signals, and executing trade orders – all part of the all-in-one AI trading service.

The launch of the 3EX AI Copy Trading feature further lowers the barriers to using AI trading. Users can simply follow the strategies of trading experts with a click, easily replicating and executing top-quality AI trading strategies, and effortlessly mastering the code of wealth.

At this memorable moment, we express our deepest gratitude to all users and partners who support and trust 3EX. It’s your companionship that has enabled 3EX to continue leading the trend. Looking to the future, 3EX will remain committed to innovation, continuously optimizing products and services, and together with global users, we will embark on a new era of digital asset trading.

Let’s join hands and co-create a splendid chapter in the AI era of digital asset trading!

Join us in celebrating 3EX’s 6th Anniversary! Register now and be part of our global user community to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Don’t miss this great chance to delve into the world of 3EX AI Trading and earn exciting rewards.

For event details, visit: https://t.co/nFpfBvimBO

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Notes: All content published by 3EX, including but not limited to trading strategies, market analysis, and promotional activities, does not constitute any form of investment advice. Investment carries risks, and entering the market should be done with caution. We encourage users to conduct thorough research and consideration before making any trading decisions and recommend consulting with a professional financial advisor. 3EX is committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform but does not assume responsibility for users’ trading decisions and their outcomes. Thanks for your support.

Denmark Bitcoin Ecological Summit 2024: Exploring the New Era of BRC-20 and BTC-Layer2

Hosted by @RWA (https://twitter.com/rwa_btc), Coral Finance (https://twitter.com/Coral_Finance), InitVerse (https://twitter.com/InitVerse)

Co-host by Posh Niche (https://twitter.com/PoshNiche), HGEX (https://twitter.com/HGRWAexchange), Green Meta (https://twitter.com/GREEN_META_HQ), Genesis (@Genesis_Web3SDK) , MetaBirds (https://twitter.com/MetaBirds_Web3), Acara (https://twitter.com/@acaradao)

The 2024 Danish Bitcoin Ecological Summit held in Copenhagen, Denmark, has successfully concluded. The summit made remarkable achievements in exploring the current status and future potential of blockchain technology, especially BRC-20 tokens and BTC-Layer2. The summit brings together the world’s leading experts, innovators and enthusiasts to discuss the latest advances in blockchain technology.

Revealing the potential of BRC20 and BTC-Layer2

The summit opened with insightful quotes that set the stage for a series of in-depth discussions. The keynote speech provided a broad overview of BRC-20 and related technologies, highlighting their growing importance in the blockchain ecosystem.

In-depth technical and market discussions

The conference focused on the evolution of the BRC20 token and its impact, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of its development and functionality. Technical sessions on inscriptions and ordinals, Layer 2, delved into the latest innovations that address the complexities and challenges in this area; a highlight of the summit was an expert panel discussion on BRC20 market dynamics. This session provided valuable insights into market trends, investment patterns and the speculative nature of the BRC20 token. In addition, invited projects shared their experiences, challenges and success stories, promoting an environment of collaboration and learning.

Project Roadshow: Demonstrating Innovation

The project roadshow session allowed attendees to showcase and explore a variety of innovative projects related to BRC20, Inscription and Ordinal, highlighting the practical applications and potential of these technologies. Others included developers from MetaBirds demonstrating the strength of the Bitcoin Layer 2 Bmeta platform, and @ RWA’s core code contributors shared how to introduce RWA into the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the co-founder from Genesis shared the value comparison between Bitcoin inscriptions and game inscriptions.

Looking ahead to the bright future of blockchain

The summit concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the future trends of blockchain technology. Experts share their views on emerging technologies and potential developments, painting a picture of an exciting future for the blockchain space.

A successful gathering of ideas

The summit concluded with closing remarks marked by heartfelt thanks to participants, speakers and organizers, reflecting the key takeaways and learnings from the summit. The Denmark Bitcoin Ecosystem Summit 2024 sets a new benchmark for blockchain discussions, leaving attendees knowledgeable and excited about the future possibilities of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The RWA blue ocean market is ushering in big changes: Two Sigma Ventures is using its innovation and foresight to show the infinite possibilities of a new wealth path in 2024!

As blockchain technology continues to mature and its integration with traditional physical assets, investment trends are once again pointing to blockchain projects, especially those digital assets that are combined with physical assets. Against this background, Two Sigma Ventures is leading the upsurge of RWA (Real World Assets) investment with its innovation and foresight, showing the infinite possibilities of a new path to wealth in 2024.

| About Two Sigma Ventures:

Two Sigma Ventures was developed and founded by TWO SIGMA, led by Blockchain Capital and Dapper Labs, and provided with top technical support by experts in the blockchain field from many countries, financial scientists and well-known trading teams in the Wall Street stock market. A decentralized open source financial platform based on RWA (Real World Assets).

Two Sigma Ventures is committed to realizing the on-chain of real-world assets. It solves the pain point of insufficient asset liquidity in traditional finance through the application of blockchain technology. Two Sigma Ventures allows any individual or institution with real-world assets to use these assets as collateral to finance on-chain. Unlike traditional finance, this financing model does not require credit ratings or complex approval processes. The entire process is open and transparent, and there is no need to trust third-party institutions. Two Sigma Ventures solves the problem of insufficient asset liquidity in the real world, effectively connects traditional business activities and blockchain finance, and injects new development momentum into the real economy. The safety and efficiency of its model have also been verified by the market. .

| About TWO SIGMA:

TWO SIGMA was founded in 2001 as a Wall Street hedge fund focusing on quantitative investment. The company was founded by John Overdeck, an apprentice of the famous quantitative investor David Shaw (D.E. Shaw). As the company’s former chief investment officer, Ku Chao has long been engaged in quantitative-led investments in neutral strategies for the stock market.

TWO SIGMA integrates asset management and market making. Its hedge funds manage US$50 billion in assets. At the same time, market makers usually have a daily trading volume of more than 300 million shares in the US stock market.

| About Two Sigma Ventures’ top team:

The Two Sigma Ventures team has grown to approximately 56 people, covering multiple fields such as blockchain, finance, and legal supervision. This team of professional talents is the solid backing for the smooth operation of Two Sigma Ventures. They play a key role in technology construction, business operations, asset management, risk control, etc., which also makes it stand out in the fierce RWA track. , is another major competitive advantage of Two Sigma Ventures. Protect the technology of Two Sigma Ventures, enable large-scale human collaboration to reach unprecedented heights and breadth, and help Two Sigma Ventures develop better and faster.

| The operating mechanism of Two Sigma Ventures:

The core of Two Sigma Ventures is to realize the on-chain transfer of off-chain assets, allowing them to enter the decentralized financial system and enjoy liquidity dividends. Its basic operation process can be summarized into the following three key steps:

A. Financialize off-chain assets. Clarify the economic attributes of assets, including asset pricing, ownership confirmation, legal compliance review, etc. These tasks lay the foundation for asset tokenization.

B. Realize the trustworthiness of financial data on the chain. Through technical means such as oracles, the connection of on-chain and off-chain data is realized, so that smart contracts can obtain key data such as asset prices in real time to ensure the reliability of on-chain prices. At the same time, encryption technologies such as zero-knowledge proofs must be used to protect the data. Privacy and security.

C. Issue tokens to realize asset tokenization. Tokens or NFTs representing asset ownership are issued to the market and investors, and investors participate in the income and liquidity of the assets by purchasing and circulating these tokens.

| Advantages of Two Sigma Ventures:

As a pioneer in the RWA track, Two Sigma Ventures’ business model and technical architecture are highly representative:

A. Two Sigma Ventures adopts an on-chain and off-chain dual-layer architecture, which can better manage compliance risks, while most competing products rely more on the review of centralized institutions.

B. Two Sigma Ventures supports mortgages of multiple types of real-world assets, while competing products have a relatively single type of mortgage assets.

C. Two Sigma Ventures has implemented Senior and Junior two-level securitization, dividing risks, and also adopted a similar advanced asset pool design.

D. Two Sigma Ventures is committed to building RWA infrastructure and works closely with multiple leading DeFi projects.


Two Sigma Ventures will warm up globally and cover hundreds of thousands of communities in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, France, South Korea and other countries at the same time.

Two Sigma Ventures adheres to the concept of decentralization of blockchain technology, based on the strength of the community and the interests of users, and gradually transitions to a fully autonomous community-based digital asset integration ecosystem. The Two Sigma Ventures community adopts global distributed collaborative working, bringing together all parties with obvious advantages and consistent ideas, implementing the values of tokenization of physical assets, and achieving sharing, co-ownership, and co-governance with the community and users.

| Conclusion:

Two Sigma Ventures’ vision is to promote innovation in the tokenization of physical assets and provide more investment opportunities for global users. Two Sigma Ventures provides secure, efficient, and transparent digital financial solutions that enable users to purchase and hold part of various physical assets, bringing changes to the global financial system to better meet the needs of users.

Two Sigma Ventures has set an example in the field of tokenizing physical assets. The milestones Two Sigma Ventures has achieved and its future plans demonstrate its determination to lead this field. As blockchain technology continues to develop, we look forward to Two Sigma Ventures bringing more innovation and change to the financial field.

Embrace New Opportunities in the AI Era — 3EX AI Trading Goes Global

As AI technologies like ChatGPT rise in prominence, the pursuit of AI dividends in the investment sector has become a coveted goal for many investors and institutions. The 3EX trading platform, keeping pace with the times, has launched the world’s first AI trading system, aimed at helping users maximize their economic benefits through intelligent means.


Marking the 3EX platform’s sixth anniversary, we are excited to announce a grand celebration event, introducing a chance to share in a ten million USDT reward pool. This initiative serves not only as a token of appreciation for our long-term users’ support but also as an invitation for new users to witness the innovation and growth at 3EX. Through our AI trading system, users can experience the convenience brought by cutting-edge technology and also have the opportunity to win substantial rewards in this anniversary celebration.

3EX AI Trading: Empowering All Crypto Investors

3EX AI Trading is not just an upgrade of a trading system; it represents a leap in the way trading is done. Even users with no programming skills can easily customize and execute personalized quantitative strategies using the powerful programming capabilities provided by ChatGPT. This innovative application of AI technology in the trading field simplifies complex trading processes, making intelligent investment strategies accessible to anyone, not just professional traders, offering a new path to wealth growth.

3EX AI Trading All-in-one Service: From Conversation to Automated Trading

On the 3EX AI Trading platform, users can interact directly with AI, making it as easy as having a conversation with a knowledgeable trading friend. Users only need to describe their trading ideas and goals, and AI can help them transform these ideas into actionable trading strategies. This process includes strategy creation, backtesting of historical data, and optimization based on test results. This all-in-one service significantly lowers the entry barriers to trading, allowing everyone to enjoy a customized and intelligent trading experience.

Furthermore, the auto-execution feature of 3EX AI Trading expands users’ trading capabilities. Once users are satisfied with a strategy, the system can automatically execute trades under suitable market conditions, enhancing trading efficiency and helping users seize easily overlooked trading opportunities. This applies not only to short-term trading but also to medium and long-term investment strategies. Users can adjust their trading frequency and risk preferences according to their lifestyle, allowing AI trading strategies to tailor personal investment portfolios.

3EX AI Trading — Helping Users Take More Profit

The core advantage of 3EX AI Trading lies in its ability to significantly enhance users’ trading capabilities. Even inexperienced investors can easily create and implement effective trading strategies on the platform. Users can rely on AI’s powerful data processing and analysis capabilities to develop trading plans that align with their risk preferences and adapt to market changes. During this process, AI’s assistance goes beyond the technical aspects to include psychological support, helping users overcome decision-making errors caused by emotional fluctuations and achieve more rational, scientific trading.

Moreover, the 3EX AI Trading platform offers 24/7 market monitoring, ensuring timely responses to market conditions at any time. This means that users can execute trading strategies accurately and quickly, day or night, whether they are online or not, seizing every profit opportunity. Through continuous profit and loss analysis, the platform keeps optimizing and adjusting strategies, ensuring optimal performance in various market conditions. Users can also choose or customize strategies from the quant strategy library, further enriching and perfecting their trading methods to adapt to different market environments and investment goals.

3EX AI Trading — Helping More Users Take Profit

To enable more users to benefit from AI trading, 3EX is developing an AI trading strategy copycat system, another significant innovation following the provision of personalized trading strategy creation. With this system, even users with less trading experience can easily participate in the market. Users only need to select the one-click copycat feature to automatically replicate the best-performing AI trading strategies in the market. This simplifies the trading process, allowing users to easily enjoy profit opportunities brought by top strategies without the need for in-depth market research.

Furthermore, the 3EX AI Trading platform evaluates and filters strategy performance through various indicators, ensuring users can choose the highest-quality trading strategies. The platform’s candlestick chart clearly marks buy and sell points, instilling confidence in users when copying strategies. The system’s 24-hour automated execution ensures trading strategies are executed rationally and objectively under any market conditions, minimizing the impact of human errors and biases. 3EX is committed to providing a fair and transparent trading environment, ensuring every user can profit on a level playing field. This system design not only brings convenience and efficiency to users but also extends 3EX’s influence in the field of intelligent trading.

3EX 6th Anniversary: Join and Enjoy Benefits for a Mutual Future

The creation of the 3EX AI Trading feature is undoubtedly a groundbreaking revolution in the digital asset trading field. By applying advanced AI technology to the trading sector, 3EX not only provides users with a more efficient and intelligent trading solution but also opens up new business opportunities for agents. As AI technology continues to evolve, the 3EX AI Trading platform will continue to lead industry development, offering more value and opportunities to users worldwide.

We invite users from around the world to register on 3EX and participate in the 6th anniversary benefits event.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity to experience 3EX AI Trading and win plenty of rewards.

Event Link:  https://t.co/nFpfBvimBO

We look forward to your participation, let’s explore the limitless possibilities of intelligent trading together!

About 3EX

3EX is headquartered in Dubai and is a subsidiary of a global top-10 international financial technology group with operations spanning various fields, including forex, private equity, and investment financing. The group serves over seven million investors worldwide and has been in stable operation for over two decades. It holds financial business compliance licenses in multiple countries, including the UK, the UAE, the United States, and Canada, providing comprehensive support to the 3EX trading platform in terms of compliance, funding, research and development, operations, branding, and risk management.

3EX adheres to the principle of “Customer First, Experience Priority.’” and considers product innovation as its core development focus. It offers an all-in-one AI trading service with various trading features, along with 24/7 multilingual customer service. The platform is dedicated to providing a secure, efficient, convenient, and intelligent digital asset trading experience for users worldwide, ensuring a smooth journey in your digital asset trading.

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*Notes: All content published by 3EX, including but not limited to trading strategies, market analysis, and promotional activities, does not constitute any form of investment advice. Investment carries risks, and entering the market should be done with caution. We encourage users to conduct thorough research and consideration before making any trading decisions and recommend consulting with a professional financial advisor. 3EX is committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform but does not assume responsibility for users’ trading decisions and their outcomes. Thanks for your support.

3EX Marks Six Years of Excellence: Celebrating with a Grand 10 Million USDT Anniversary Event

The world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform, 3EX, grandly celebrates its sixth anniversary by launching a series of commemorative events, featuring a massive prize pool of 10 million USDT, open for participation to all our new and existing users. Founded alongside the rise of digital assets, 3EX has journeyed through an era of innovation and growth with its users. Amidst the ever-changing crypto landscape, we have witnessed the evolution of 3EX from a dream-filled startup team to a leader of industry innovation. This journey has been fueled by your trust and support, for which we are deeply grateful.

Journey Retrospect: Leading Innovation, Growing Together

3EX, representing Web3 Exchange, is dedicated to creating a digital asset trading platform driven by technological innovation in the Web3 era. Over the past six years, 3EX has consistently adhered to a ‘Customer First, Experience Priority’ philosophy, continuously exploring and innovating. From an initial team of a dozen to a professional team of over 300, we have been making steady progress. We have served over 5 million users, each number representing the growth of 3EX and the accumulation of your trust. Along with our brand upgrade, 3EX has also enhanced its trading matching engine to ensure the platform’s efficiency and stability. The launch of the BitBroker innovative partnership system has set an industry benchmark for large team management. The introduction of the world’s first AI trading system by 3EX is not just a breakthrough in technology and products, but also a testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Pinnacle Creation: AI Trading, Beginning a New Chapter

The rapid development of AI technology has brought revolutionary changes and possibilities to digital asset trading. 3EX has innovatively developed and launched AI trading features, fully leveraging the power of ChatGPT to allow users to create and adjust trading strategies through simple dialogue and simulate historical profits and losses, providing a one-stop AI trading experience. In addition, 3EX’s AI trading copy function allows more users to easily enjoy the conveniences brought by cutting-edge technology, truly realizing asset appreciation. Our goal is not only to “Help Users Make More Profits.” but also to “Help More Users Make Profits.” allowing them to enjoy the benefits of AI technology in trading.

Security First: Fortifying Defenses, Safeguarding Security

Over these six years, 3EX has always prioritized asset security. Our self-developed wallet system employs financial-grade operational standards, ensuring the safe storage and transaction of assets. Our risk control system also provides three levels of protection, comprehensively securing user assets. In six years, 3EX has not experienced a single security incident, truly achieving zero loss of customer assets.

User-Oriented: Quality Service, Achieving Excellence

3EX has always maintained a user-centric approach, constantly optimizing service processes and upgrading the trading interface, committed to providing a more convenient and secure trading experience. Our customer service team provides 24/7 multilingual services, ensuring every user’s needs are promptly met.

6th Anniversary Celebration: Gratitude and Shared Joy

On this 6th anniversary, we are launching a series of celebratory activities, with a total prize pool of 10,000,000 USDT and a variety of rewards waiting for you, as a token of our appreciation for your companionship and support over the past six years. 3EX sincerely looks forward to your participation in celebrating this significant moment!

Looking forward, 3EX will continue to uphold its commitment to excellent service and innovative concepts, providing you with more exceptional trading experiences brought by cutting-edge technology. Thank you for your companionship on this journey. Let us together usher in a more brilliant era of digital asset trading!

Join us at 3EX for an exciting celebration! Register now to explore our AI Trading platform and win rewards. Don’t miss this chance to be part of our special event.

Event details here: https://t.co/nFpfBvimBO

Your participation will shape the future of intelligent trading. Let’s celebrate together at 3EX!

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Notes:All content published by 3EX, including but not limited to trading strategies, market analysis, and promotional activities, does not constitute any form of investment advice. Investment carries risks, and entering the market should be done with caution. We encourage users to conduct thorough research and consideration before making any trading decisions and recommend consulting with a professional financial advisor. 3EX is committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform but does not assume responsibility for users’ trading decisions and their outcomes. Thanks for your support.

Ptah returns strongly to China

Ptah returns strongly to China and subverts all traditional trading platforms

The beginning of 2024 ushered in a new beginning. Ptah returned strongly to China, allowing everyone to be familiar with the new trading platform. The birth of blockchain digital transactions also means that a new era and a new future have come, and continuous progress and development in the construction and development of the digital economy have come. It has also ushered in the formation of a new environmental digital system, and there will be new companies rising and falling. The progress of the era will allow this era to form a new environment and new application scenarios. Digital transformation, upgrading and development are necessary improvements for traditional industries. The Ptah platform will Continuously update and complete the trading environment of universities. Ptah is an indispensable trading platform for everyone in the future. It is also the first diversified international trading platform.

Future application scenarios of the platform and upcoming plans

Ptah operating model

Ptah digital sector

FIST is coming



FIST Rune First MEME Coin

Released on December 30, 2023, it will be launched fairly on runs. Only participation, everyone is the banker, everyone builds together, and we reach a consensus together. As the first rune promoted by the first community, which will become the largest DAO community in the world, it will continue to grow with the growth of the first community.

The composition of the first community: Executives from multiple blockchain incubation companies jointly nominated a community organization called web3DAO jointly launched by multiple domestic and overseas project parties and business schools.

To understand the first community, you must first understand what a blockchain incubation company is. What is a blockchain incubation company? To put it simply, it is a blockchain service company that provides one-stop services such as technology development, project packaging, project promotion at home and abroad, and docking with exchanges. The business people are the employees in the company who deal with customers and various sectors. After many years of working in the industry, we have a large number of customer groups, which are what everyone calls project parties. At the same time, it also has major cooperation resources in the industry, such as technology development, investment research institutions, major blockchain media, exchange personnel, domestic and overseas KOLs, etc. The first community is to vertically integrate the front and rear resources to form a real blockchain community. All decisions in the community are approved by everyone’s vote and are completely organized by DAO.




In just 4 days, FIST rushed from over 900 to seventh place. The strong consensus gave him unparalleled room for growth.

Fist will serve as the governance token of the first community and the ecological token of the first community, thus giving it more use value and room for appreciation.